Low-carb weekly menus

After months of preparation, a test group of over 100 participants and many small adjustments, the new program will be online from 1 September 2016! Varied and healthy food throughout the week, on your own or with your entire family, and without fast sugars, packets, and bags. And we call that:

365 Days Healthy Slim!

It is often difficult to change your diet, it requires creativity and perseverance to constantly come up with new variations on your meals. And let that be what you receive with 365 Days Healthy Slim! 52 weeks a year a weekly menu is ready for you! Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner recipes have been thought out completely for you so that you have a good balance and variation in your meals.  And a database with many more recipes!

Adapted to the different seasons, taking holidays into account and you can adjust them yourself to the number of family members. The weekly menus help you to organize your week well and to vary enough so that you continue to surprise your body. And with the ingredients (almost all available at the supermarket) you can prepare healthy dishes in no time.

Personal contact & support via the private Facebook group and mail

You can share your experiences and ask questions in the private Facebook group. If you like it, you can also post your own variations here or photos of what it looks like to you. I am in the group daily to answer the questions. If you have something personal, you can of course also email me privately.

No fast carbohydrates

No fast carbohydrates but plenty of variety with healthy food and possibly everything can be prepared without cow’s milk products, that choice is yours. With new recipes and ideas, you can make new combinations from old and trusted ingredients. All ingredients are available everywhere, most just in the supermarket!

Certain nutrients can sometimes be replaced better, I immediately explain to each recipe what the possible choice is and why. And also which ingredients you can possibly replace or add for other family members.

Learn to listen to your body

You learn to listen to your body and experience what healthy eating does to you. So no fixed strict pattern about quantities. This way you no longer have the feeling that you are punishing yourself with a diet, but instead, you are rewarding with good food.

Fewer times to the supermarket

The shopping list is made in such a way that the quantities are automatically adjusted with the number of people who share the meal. With this recipe tool no more stress for you in the supermarket!

With these well-arranged weekly menus, you can plan your week quickly and easily and you only have to go shopping once or twice a week. As a result, fewer temptations in the store and therefore time savings!

The simple recipes and short instructions make it all quick to prepare and you don’t have to stand in the kitchen for long. You automatically get new ideas to combine more and so you can cook without bags and packages.

  • Lose weight without craving:  Eat well, enjoy nourishing meals and snacks without feeling like you are on a diet. So not hungry!
  •  A new menu every week:  No less than 52 weeks you’ll get a new overview every week. If there is something that you don’t like, then you always have the choice to vary with more than 300 recipes.
  • Don’t count calories!  The ratio of proteins, fats, and slow carbohydrates is what matters, and that’s already thought out for you, the only thing you can still do is enjoy.

Today begin to discover how fine food can be!

Please note, this is not a temporary crash diet! 365 Days Healthy Slim is another way of eating, something that you can sustain throughout your life, alone, in pairs or with your entire family. You learn to make choices yourself. This allows you to lose weight and keep on weight with healthy and delicious food.

The 80/20 rule

The weekly menus only contain healthy ingredients without fast carbohydrates and sugars. It is based on a low carbohydrate diet. You simply learn to find the balance so that you can sometimes eat something unhealthy at a party, such as a bitter garnish or a pastry. The 80/20 rule applies in that case!

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