Hippo Diet

From now on you will have the opportunity to follow the Hippo diet in practice.

The protein diet is one of the most popular diets in the Netherlands. The Hippo protein diet is a possibility in a responsible manner quickly result. You become professional guided in following this diet.

Benefits of Hippo: 

  • Weight reduction of 6-10 kg per month 
  • Good to keep up  
  • No feeling of hunger     
  • Preservation of muscle mass          
  • Acceleration of your metabolism
  • Beneficial effect on blood pressure
  • Many tasty flavor variants
  • Constant blood sugar therefore also suitable for people with Type 2 diabetes!

You can follow the diet with complete weekly packages including accompanying recipes. 

Start immediately.

The Hippo diet is not a shake diet! You can enjoy, for example, toast, pasta, rice or chocolate pudding. There is also room for a snack in the form of a cookie, waffle or savory snack. These products are all high in protein and low in carbohydrates. The products are very easy to prepare and can also be taken to work.

The dietician helps you through difficult moments and gives you practical tips. After the diet, the dietitian ensures that you have a healthy lifestyle so that you also maintain your weight in the long term. Do you want more information about this diet? Then contact me without obligation.